About Us

What We Do

We hand cut and shape Real Stone, Marble, Brick and Slate into Miniature building materials to build or clad your models to the highest standard possible.

Meet our Team

Myself (Andrew) & Dave are the Specialist Brick & Stonemasons, Michael and Gay are the Packing Team, Lydia is our Web Designer and Emma deals with all your phone calls, e-mails and orders.

We aim to provide all the real materials in a scale to suit your model.

In our store you can purchase Real Stone Flagstones, Real Brick Tiles, Real Stone Walling and Cladding, Real Bricks and Brickslips and Real Slates & Tiles for your roof along with an extensive range of finishing items to add that final touch to your model, such as Real Stone Quoin Stones, Arches, Keystones, Kerbstones, Copings and Chimney pots to name just a few!

A Brief History of our Company

Back in 1968 my father Richard Stacey started hand making full size bricks at a company near Midhurst in West Sussex, he hand made bricks for 19 years.

Then in 1987 Richard turned his hand to Specialist Masonry work, where working for W T Lambs he produced some stunning Hand Carvings including the Prince of Wales Feathers.

Among many large projects he also carved the replacements for the restoration of The Great Kitchen Chimneys on Hampton Court Palace which you can see in use today.

In 1992 Richard first ventured into Miniature Masonry when his wife Gay who was working in a local school was asked if he could produce some small bricks for the children to build with, such was the enthusiastic response to the little bricks Richard made, that this sowed a seed which has grown into our company today.

In 1993 Richard moved to a Workshop near Chichester and started his own company under his name RICHARD STACEY.

Having just left school I joined him along with his wife Gay where whilst still producing Specialist Masonry we continued to develop the Miniature Business.

In 2015 Richard sadly past away after a longstanding illness, despite retiring in April he continued to help out in the workshop and just 2 weeks before his death he was still hand crafting the Real Slate Tiles, a real testament of his love for his work.

I took on the business in April 2015, joined by my wife Emma and now trading under the new name STACEY’S MINIATURE MASONRY we continue to focus on developing our range and producing the highest quality materials possible for your model.