• Modelling Tool

Ideal for cutting a wide range of our Real Brick, Stone & Slate products. Simply position the jaws across your Miniature Brick, Slip or Tile and press handle together for a quick and natural looking edge. Absolutely ideal when working with the Rough Faced or Coursed Stone.

PLEASE NOTE: This tool is for a quick natural rough cut edge, it will not give a clean crisp cut. This tool will not cut Ceramic, Applestone, Granite or Marble Tiles. If you require a clean crisp edge then the products must be cut using a fine diamond blade on a Dremel or similar Mini Drill or using a Razor Saw, alternatively you can provide us with your sizes and we will cut tiles to size for you from just 50p a cut.

If you require a neat straight edge on any other products such as Brick or York/Marl/Grey Stone or Slate then these can be cut by simply scoring with a craft knife along a straight edge on both sides and snapping over a straight edge.

All Versi Products and Vinyl Tiles can all be cut with scissors or if you prefer a craft knife.

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Modelling Tool

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