• Graean Grit 10 (1.5-2.5mm)

REAL Graean Stone, Graean Stone is a green colour natural stone straight from the quarry and hand graded for a supreme unbeatable REAL finish to your model. Available in 4 grades.

Small stones suitable for paths, gardens, ponds, walls, cobbles, miniature railways and war gaming.

They can be simply stuck on with our PVA glue when using for scenery, gardens or paving/paths or if you are using it for cladding the face of a model then glue in position and grout using our Mortar/Grout mix, these grits are also ideal used loose as a substrate or for wagon or truck loads.

For further information on using these products visit our How to Use Grit, Peas & Pebbles page.

Further Product Details
Pack Coverage 50 sq ins - 322 sq cms
Actual Size of Individual Pieces (in mm) Grade 10: 1.5-2.5mm
Made From Real Stone
Scale 1:12

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Graean Grit 10 (1.5-2.5mm)

  • Pack Coverage: 50 sq ins - 322 sq cms
  • Actual Size of Individual Pieces (in mm): Grade 10: 1.5-2.5mm
  • Made From: Real Stone
  • Scale: 1:12

  • Product Code: S5401GS10
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £3.95