Coverage Help and Advice

Coverage Help and Advice

The coverage given for each product is approximate and refers to 1:12 scale only.

All our products will list their coverage in both sq ins (square inches) and sq cms (square centimetres) so you can use your preferred unit of measurement. Each pack will cover the stated coverage, usually with a few extra to spare.

Here are some examples of coverage:

25 sq ins  = 5 ins x 5 ins = 10 ins x 2 1/2 ins

64 sq cms = 8 cm x 8 cm = 16 cm x 4 cm

100 sq ins = 10 ins x 10 ins = 5 ins x 20 ins

400 sq cms = 40 cm x 10 cm = 20 cm x 20 cm

Corner slips, Ridge Tiles and other products used in a straight run

Some of our products have coverage as simply cms or inches, this is where a product will be used side by side in a straight line and the coverage provided is the length of line that pack will cover.

Corner slips and Quoin Stones - Will cover a length up the side of your building/chimney.
Ridge Tiles - Will cover a length across the top of your roof.
Wall copings and shaped bricks - Will cover a length across the top of your wall.

Cladding your Dollshouse or Model

When you are working out how many packs of your chosen product you require, remember that there are several areas on your house or model that won't need to be clad. For example, windows, doors, and any arches, quoins or other dressings. You also need to consider whether you are going to clad the back of your model. If it has a plain back without any features, or you are intending to stand it in front of a wall, you can save time by leaving it bare.

Once you have an idea of the area you need to cover, you can decide which product you require and how many packs you will need.


The coverage provided on the packs of our Roof Tiles, Slate, Roofing Slabs and Versi Tiles all allow for half a tile overlap as in the picture below.

Roofing overlap

The task of working coverage out can be quite complicated so don't hesitate to give us a call, or email us and we will help you work it out. Remember, as our products are cut from natural materials, batches will vary, so try and buy all you need at once, so that it all matches.

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