How to use Dry Stone Walling, Rockery Stone and Modelling Dust

How to use Dry Stone Walling

  1. To make a dry stone wall we recommend you work on one layer at a time. Lay out your first row of stones to make a base, you will find it makes it easier if you use pieces of similar thickness on each layer. Once you are happy with the position and size of each stone, glue in place using pva adhesive.
  2. Lay out the next layer of stone. If you position each piece so that it overlaps at least two of the stones on the previous row this will create a stronger bond. Glue in position.
  3. Repeat this process until the whole of the wall is complete. Leaving to dry every 4-5 rows.
  4. To cut or shape the stone you can use a craft knife and sandpaper or tile pliers.

How to use Rockery Stone

  1. Simply lay down or glue in place with PVA adhesive.
  2. As it is real stone you can shape it using sandpaper or use a water based stain to distress and weather it.

How to use Modelling Dust

  1. Mix equal parts PVA adhesive and water together. Add a quantity of dust and mix thoroughly. The amount of dust required depends on the effect you are trying to create. We recommend you test your mix before using on your model.
  2. Simply brush your mix over any areas you wish to cover and leave to dry.
  3. Suggested method for creating a stone/brick finish: Apply the mix using the end of a paintbrush and stipple it on. Then leave to dry.
  4. Once dry rub back with sandpaper as necessary and score in any joints.
Ideal for giving a realistic brick or stone finish to mouldings, wooden quoins, door and window surrounds, chimney stacks and other dressings on any model.

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