Versi Range

Versi Range

Versi Range: Light weight reversible products to give your model a realistic finish economically.

This is a lovely range of lightweight products for cladding your dollshouse or model. They are made from card and coated to give a realistic finish. Simply glue into position using PVA adhesive or UHU glue Cut or shape with scissors, snips or a craft knife.

All the products are reversible, offering a variety of finishes. For example, Red/Dark Versi Slips can create :-

  • a red wall
  • a dark wall
  • a red and dark mixed wall
  • a red wall with a dark pattern
  • a dark wall with a red pattern

Try experimenting with different effects on your house, dark bricks with red bricks as dressings on the edges, or around the windows. Get creative!

Pictured left, is the Sid Cooke Corner Shop. Clad with 8077YB Yellow/Buff Versi slips and 8019YB Yellow/Buff Versi corners. 8013SL Versi slates, light grey side up. The hip has been finished by folding the roof tiles in half and cutting to size. Flat Roof and top of window finished with Real Lead. The quoins, window cills and dressings have been coated with Gault Modelling Dust 4003G to give a stone effect.


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